The Crazy Old Maid

Author: Colleen McCarthy-Evans

Published by: Seven Seas Press 2022

From page 1: “In the little town of Singletary, everyone agrees about one thing: No house needs more than ONE of ANYTHING in it. With one lamp, families huddle around a good book at night. With one book, neighbors share. With one cooking pot, meals are simple! With one ball, everyone is included in the game.”  


Creative Child Magazine – Preferred Choice Award

From the judges/reviewers at Creative Child Magazine:

“This book is so well written and I really loved the beautiful illustrations. The story is wonderful and I think your kids will really enjoy it.”

“I enjoyed reading this story to my kids at the review. They really liked it a lot. I think parents should definitely get a copy. It teaches a great lesson on still needing to learn even though the characters get a lot things right. It’s just wonderful!”

“I would definitely recommend adding this story book to your family’s collection. I really like how it also has a card game included. It is very cute.”